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INTRODUCING CRISTALLISTE – THE BEST KEPT SECRET FOR LONG HAIR. Featuring The NEW Liquid Light Complex for Radiant and Illuminated Hair.

For young women, the ultimate symbol of glamour is long gorgeous and shiny hair; but when it comes to luxury haircare, they are left unsatisfied with the current offerings, feeling their needs have been overlooked. With this young demographic (defined as those ages 16-25) making up 20% of the population, Kérastase is thrilled to unveil haircare specific to a young woman’s needs. Introducing CRISTALLISTE, a lightweight, illuminating haircare collection for long hair. As a leading innovator in the luxury haircare industry, Kérastase developed these tailored offerings for those with long hair. CRISTALLISTE delivers beautiful, healthy hair that is pure and featherweight at the roots, free flowing and smooth from lengths to ends. In other words, it is the best kept secret for young women with long hair. cristalliste-group-2

Young Women want to have shiny, long hair. To achieve this result, lengths needs to be perfectly balanced and nourished. Due to hormonal changes, environmental factors and styling habits, the cuticle of long hair tends to be unevenly sealed and does not reflect light in an optimal way.
The hydro-lipidic layer is particularly important in preserving the condition of long hair. This layer made of natural fatty acid is located between the cuticle and sebum of the hair fiber and preserves the pH and water resistance of it, resulting in smoothness and shine. On long hair, this precious layer is often damaged and uneven, which can affect the nourishment of the hair, creating a sensation of heavy roots and dry ends.

The secret to beautiful long hair is to balance this hydro-lipidic layer, allowing hair to be nourished and polished evenly along the hair fiber, for homogeneous protection. CRISTALLISTE features the NEW LIQUID LIGHT COMPLEX: a trio of beneficial ingredients that treats the fiber and the hydro-lipidic layer while leaving hair weightless and pure. Developed by La Recherche Avancée L’Oréal, the LIQUID LIGHT COMPLEX mimics the natural visual effects of light on the surface of the fiber, leaving hair luminous, smooth and radiant with a natural lightweight feel.

Anti-Oil Solubilization System – a new generation of high foaming cleansers featuring a dual system to trap and dissolve impurities. Hair is left perfectly clean, without feeling stripped and roots are left light and spotless.
Anti-Dry Magnet-Like Polymers – eco-friendly agents attracted to dry and sensitized zones, restoring evenness to the fiber’s cuticles, protecting the hydro-lipidic layer and polishing the lengths.
Aloe Vera Illuminator – a powerful natural moisturizer concentrated in essential amino acids and vitamins to enhance the hair’s natural glow and shimmer.

provides the ultimate care to treat the long hair fiber while leaving it pure and free flowing. As a result, the roots are purified and ends are nourished and polished.
CRISTALLISTE mimics the natural effects of light on the hair’s surface. It smoothes and polishes the hair allowing light to reflect from one fiber to another, producing a fluid shimmer that leaves hair lively and luminous. As a result, the hair fiber refracts light like a crystal, appearing radiant and illuminated. A true choreography of light.



bain ctistal fine sm.jpg 

bain cristal for long/fine hair (SRP: $38)

Luminous perfecting shampoo for free-flowing, lightweight hair with an ultra-light, silicone, paraben and colorant-free formula. The new generation of soft, high-foaming cleansers with a dual system are able to trap and dissolve impurities leaving hair perfectly clean and full of shine.


crstalliste bain thick lg.jpg 

bain cristal for long/THICK hair (SRP: $38)

Luminous perfecting shampoo for free-flowing, voluptuous hair with an ultra-light, silicone, paraben and colorant-free formula. The new generation of soft, high foaming cleansers with a dual system able to trap and dissolve impurities leaving hair perfectly clean and full of shine.



lait cristal (SRP: $39)

Luminous perfecting conditioner for dry lengths and ends. A powerful natural moisturizer featuring Aloe Vera that is rich in essential amino acids and vitamins, helping to restore lipid structure. Provides detangling ease, enhances natural hair glow and shimmer, resulting in hair that is shiny, soft and lightweight.



A smoothing, luminizing leave-in treatment with multi-luminous micro-particles, suspended in an ultra-fine evanescent fluid. Offers a weightless crystal shine, without a greasy affect. Restores evenness of the fiber and intense reflection.

CRISTALLISTE is available at kerastase-usa.com and Kérastase Consultant Salons.
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