Resistance Force Architecte

On July 16, 2013

Fibre-Architecte(pp_w788_h377)Introducing Resistance Force Architecte

Taking Hair reconstruction to an Entry New Level

Beautiful, healthy hair that can withstand even the toughest aggressors, requires a strong foundation, solid framework and a sleek exterior. Thanks to the most recent technological advances from KÉRASTASE PARIS, now there is no damage that is beyond repair. Introducing RESISTANCE FORCE ARCHITECTE — the first reconstructing hair care regimen comprised of three reparative ingredients that act in synergy to restore even the most damaged hair. For the first time ever KÉRASTASE can now offer at-home products that feature ingredients that were previously only available in salon professional treatments. To tackle the most severe levels of damage, the FORCE ARCHITECTE collection includes the new must-have product, Fibre Architecte renovating dual serum.

Women in the US subject their hair to many external aggressors including multiple chemical processes such as permanent color and chemically straightening not to mention continuous heat styling and excessive brushing. Over time, all of these factors can contribute to the erosion and weakening of the hair leaving behind brittle, damaged hair and split ends that appear lifeless and dull. La Recherche Avancée L’Oréal has analyzed the hair even further and looked closely at the damaging effects that erosion can have on the hair fiber. KÉRASTASE has divided hair erosion into a scale of one to four.

The Erosion Scale

The Technology

Ciment-Cylane Complex technology featured in the new FORCE ARCHITECTE COLLECTION includes three exclusive repairing molecules that leave the hair fiber totally reconstructed from the inside and resurfaced on the outside. The hair recovers strength and shine and becomes easy to style again.

  • Intra-Cylane™
    Available for the first time in an at-home product, has a structuring effect on the hair. It immediately penetrates into the hair fiber’s cortex to strengthen its core. It creates a backing structure within the fiber to repair breakage points and fill in split ends.
  • Pro-Keratin
    Has a filling effect and mimics natural Keratin, which is an essential component of hair to fill in and strengthen the cortex’s micro-gaps. Reinforces and revitalizes the hair fiber.
  • Ceramides
    Ceramides are a naturally occurring substance that acts as intercellular cement to re-seal the scales of the cuticle. Each damaged hair is smoothed and protected leaving it shiny and radiant.
Star Innovation: fibre architecte
Renovating Dual Serum
30ml – SRP: $42
Helps to reconstruct the hair fiber, resurfaces the hair and binds split ends leaving hair soft and smooth with a non-greasy feel.This must-have repairing finisher should be used on either

  • Hair that is eroded along its entire length or
  • Healthy hair that has isolated areas of erosion
    (split ends, breakage points)


Resistance fORCE architecte: the new range

Bain Force Architecte (SRP $36)

FORMULA UPGRADE for Erosion Levels 1-2-3-4
Substance reconstruction shampoo to strengthen and repair very brittle, damaged hair


Ciment Anti-Usure (SRP $39)

FORMULA UPGRADE for Erosion Levels 1-2
Anti-breakage reconstructing conditioner to smooth and soften weakened, damaged hair while revitalizing deteriorated lengths and ends

Masque Force Architecte (SRP $60)

NEW PRODUCT for Erosion Levels 3-4
Reconstructing masque for revitalizing very brittle, damaged hair from the inside out


Ciment thermique (SRP $39)

UPDATED PACKAGING for Erosion Levels 1-2-3-4
Heat-activated reconstructing milk featuring Vita-Ciment Topseal technology to reinforce intercellular cement while providing styling benefits and thermo-protection

Fibre Architecte (SRP $42)

NEW PRODUCT for Erosion Levels 3-4
Dual-serum comprised of repairing cream and binding serum for smoothing and restoring damaged lengths and split ends

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